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 { Finishing the crust of the pizza she had in her hand, Faye eyed the last piece in the box. Tonight was a rare occasion and she, Melissa and Diana were all at Faye’s house watching a movie and talking while having pizza. At that exact moment, the other brunette in the room, Diana, also looked at it, as if she was claiming it as hers. No way in hell, Faye Chamberlain was letting Diana Meade have that last slice. It was hers. Faye’s hand reached for it and snatched it out of the box and took a bite, giving Diana a look that only meant one thing. }

  ’ What are you gonna do now? ‘


    { No one got the last slice on her watch. Apparently that was until now. Naturally, the chocolate haired witch would not just allow such an act to go without reprimand. Unlike before, she was not some doormat to be walked over. Once the remained of the piece she was currently working on was finished off, a look that could only be called smug took presence on her face. Truth be told, the food item was not all that valuable. There was no point in trying to remind her of that though. She was quite simply too out of it to care. }

"Since stole my pizza, you’re going to have to treat me to lunch tomorrow."

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  [ There’s that slightly cheeky smile on her lips as Diana’s eyes narrow in on the slice of pizza she’d just picked up. Deborah knows what that look means and it’s forbidding her from taking even a single bite of the final slice. Of course, when it comes to Deb, the fastest way you can get her to do something is to tell her she can’t. Or, better yet, to issue a challenge like the one that is clear in Diana’s expression. So she folds the slice and takes the biggest bite imaginable, never once removing her gaze from the other witch. ]

    { Pink lips pause an inch away from the slice in hands. A look of disbelief can be seen in warm hues of chocolate. Even if it is Deborah, it is still surprising that something she has claimed to be her own is in the hands of another. Not just that, but that the other witch is proceeding to take the biggest bite one can take of the piece of pizza. In turn, the box is left empty. Fingers gently grip the half eaten slice that they are holding onto as if to guard the rest of what has not been taken. Not that she actually believes the other would make such a bold move. Yes, that adjective practically captures the essence of the other, but this is one step beyond her reach. }

                     ”You owe me a new slice.”

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    { Chocolate hues intensely gaze at a slice of pizza. Its toppings primarily consist of green peppers and pieces of pepperoni. Exactly identical to the one that warm hands are currently holding. It just so happens that the one in the medium sized box is the last one. The manner in which the young witch looks at it suggests that it is being protected. As if she has already claimed it. Though no words are spoken in between bites of the current piece, the message is quite clear. }

  ’ I   d a r e  you. ‘ 

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I’m officially online for the night. I’m thinking about making an open starter here. If anyone wants a specific one though, let me know by sending an ask!

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So, I’ve mostly been here. However, I’m going to get to my other blogs throughout the weekend. I have to call it a night now since it’s so late, but I’ll be on here tomorrow. If I owe or if you want a starter, let me know by sending an ask.


If I could write a letter to me, I'd send it back in time to myself at 17. 
You've got so much going for you, going right.
But I know at 17, it's hard to see past Friday night.

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I will not be online tonight. Nor will I be watching any of my Monday shows tonight. My family and I will be attending an Annual Passholder Saint Patrick’s Day event at Disney’s California Adventure. However, I am on now and I’ll be on for a little bit after this midterm I’m about to take.

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