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What one is does not define their personality. The who is always more important than the what. There is a soul deep within. It can be seen by looking into a person's eyes. They are the windows to the soul, after all. Some shine brighter than others and the brightest have the most genuine intentions of all.

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I’m going to try to start again here! So, if anyone wants a starter, let me know by liking or sending an ask.

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We are creating a giant masterlist for TVD and TO Indies.

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{ Something of a smile of amusement played upon the lips of the blonde. A sign that hinted that she was thinking of an entertaining matter. As for what exactly that matter was, it was pretty simple. }

"So, I came back on the night of a welcome back party. If that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is." 

    { Granted, the celebration had not actually been for her benefit. Apparently, it had been for one of the youths of the small town. Not that the particular detail was really all that shocking. Everyone who was familiar with Mystic Falls knew that it was home to many teenagers. More often than not, they took the boredom out of it. Or at least, most of it was taken away. Regardless, the point was that their parties kept the place from becoming a place full of elderly people who could not manage to stay awake for a complete conversation. Not to mention the fact that the parties provided great opportunities for people to roll into town without being unwillingly detected. }

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It’s been a bit of a busy day, but I’m online and getting to things. If anyone wants a starter, let me know by liking or sending an ask.

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      “I’m John Gilbert. I don’t think we had met.”

{Truly he knew everyone on this town and he never seen this girl’s face before, ergo, she wasn’t from around here. That was enough to caught his attention.}


 ”If we’d met, I would have remembered you.”

   { A Gilbert. Well, that certainly explained the rough around the edges look male had going for him. Now that the identity of the man was known, it was best to be somewhat cautious. }

    “I’m Lexi Branson.” 

New Roleplay Blog Alert
~ Independent roleplay blog for Alexia Branson from The Vampire Diaries.

~ All fandoms and characters are welcome. I’ll just be more informed of those that I already know. ( TSC , OUAT, TVD, TO, SPN, TW, etc.)

~ I am more than happy to do paras, texts, one liners, etc.

~ I have more than nine years of roleplay experience and I do write my own stories.

~ I love plots and am always ready to hear them.

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